ADB Launches Video Series on Climate Technology and Entrepreneurship​

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (September 1st, 2021) — ADB Ventures has launched a new video series called Climatic about the innovators who are reducing Asia’s carbon footprint, the entrepreneurs who are making the region more resilient to climate change and the corporate leaders who are partnering with startups for impact. The series will be broadcast on YouTube.

Climatic is made possible by a grant from Climate Investment Funds’ Clean Technology Fund Program. Linh Thai, a seasoned venture capital investor and judge on Shark Tank Vietnam, hosts the series.

Each of the four Climatic series will feature two episodes dedicated to a theme, beginning with smart construction. In one episode, viewers will be able to watch as entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to environmentally conscious investors. The series will also feature a talk show episode where investors and industry experts will discuss how green technologies can scale across Asia’s emerging markets. By modelling successful business models and highlighting opportunities for technologies to scale commercially, Climatic aims to inspire more innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment for climate mitigation and adaptation across the Asia-Pacific region.

The first Smart Construction series will feature entrepreneurs who are aiming to reduce the construction sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and improve the resilience of buildings and infrastructure to extreme heat, flooding, and other impacts of a changing climate. According to the 2020 Global Status Report For Buildings and Construction, despite stable energy demand, energy-related CO2 emissions from building operations and construction reached their highest level ever recorded in 2019. Together with manufacturing, transportation, and the use of construction materials, they account for 38 percent of global CO2 emissions. As the impact of COVID-19 lessens,  it is predicted that the Southeast Asian construction sector will recover by 7.5 percent growth by the end of this year.

According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies, climate change represents a threat to long-term regional stability in Southeast Asia. By 2050, it is expected daily high tides will flood the areas where over 48 million people in Southeast Asia now live, while predicted average flood levels could inundate the homes of over 79 million.

“Is it possible to scale climate-impact technologies in developing Asian markets for venture capital-caliber returns? It is. With Climatic, we are marking a trail for innovators and investors to follow. In fact, ADB Ventures has a goal of crowding in $1 billion risk capital investment toward the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. This series is one pillar of our strategy alongside our own investment operations and co-investment partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region,” said Dominic Mellor, Principal Investment Specialist for ADB Ventures.

ADB Ventures is the venture arm of the Asian Development Bank, providing seed, early, and early-growth stage capital for technology companies generating climate and gender impact in Asia and the Pacific.

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