A full-stack electric-mobility as-a-service provider that helps commercial fleets electrify while unlocking India’s electrification


A FinTech company that provides loans for electric vehicles in India by leveraging data analytics and non-traditional underwriting methods.


An Indonesia-based company that equips smallholder poultry farmers with digital technologies, facilitates market linkages, and improves efficiencies in the supply chain.

Revfin Three Wheel Electrifi

Revfin offers finance for electric rickshaws across more than 1000 locations in tier two and three cities in India by leveraging data analytics, non-traditional underwriting methods and a tech-driven platform. Three Wheelers United is similarly offering a range of financing solutions to electric rickshaw drivers in India. Electrifi takes a more end-to-end approach by offering […]

Battery Smart Tiger

For battery infrastructure, Battery Smart (India) is converting a significant number of electric rickshaws from lead acid to lithium-ion batteries, by offering battery swapping services. Tiger Energy is addressing a similar challenge that hinders EV adoption in Bangladesh.