Concrete is the most consumed substance on the planet after water with more than 4.4 billion tonnes produced every year. It is expected to grow to 5.5 billion by 2050. However, the concrete production industry has been using traditional manual methods for decades. The current production and monitoring and control process overuses a significant amount of cement to meet quality standards. It is inefficient, costly and wasteful. The industry is moving towards digitization and automation to better manage the concrete production life cycle.


Caidio offers AI‑powered IoT/SaaS solution to help concrete producers reduce cement usage and improve concrete quality. The first product they offer is the water content optimizer, using an embedded device to measure and analyze moisture data and the quality of the aggregates. It allows concrete producers to optimize the ratio of cement and water during production in real‑time. Caidio plans to release a whole set of products that allows concrete producers to measure key aspects of production, transportation and end‑use. These products include aggregate quality analyzer, workability optimizer, compressive strength optimizer, etc.


ADB Ventures SEED grants supports the acquisition of at least one commercial contract applied in a concrete production facility, the submission of at least one patent application, and the mobilization of additional finance.


Caidio is a Finnish Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that develops digital quality assurance solutions for concrete construction for every link of the production chain. Caidio targets the concrete construction market, specifically in P.R. China and Southeast Asia which account for the majority of the world’s annual concrete usage and which is a significant contributor to carbon emission and the use of depleting virgin raw materials.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Data‑driven platform that optimizes the concrete production process while reducing cement usage and greenhouse gas emissions.