Bridging the MSME gap through digital microcredit.

Fortuna Coolers

Producer of durable storage coolers made from coconut
husk fibre which are designed to preserve perishable goods during transport and storage.


Rebuilding the Brick Industry.


Provider of high‑quality insect protein by growing black solider fly larvae fed with palm oil by‑products for aqua feed.


Provider of climate risk software solutions that enable finance and insurance sector institutions to quantify and manage the financial impacts of climate change.

Kiu Global

Boosting women-owned businesses through credit access facilitation


Climate Forecasting for the World’s Most Vulnerable Region.


Provider of affordable aerogels – the world’s lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulator – for mainstream applications including cold‑chains, coatings, EV batteries, and construction.

Loop Technologies

Bangladesh‑based logistics marketplace connecting shippers and vendors to low‑cost freight services.


Creating Solutions to Mitigate World’s Most Harmful Greenhouse Gas.