Manufacturer of sustainable, smokeless char‐briquettes for street food vendors and small restaurants.


Dastgyr offers a digital‐enabled marketplace for retailers and suppliers, backed by smart logistics and trade credit solutions.


Technology platform that delivers micro‐pension and insurance solutions to underserved informal sector workers by integrating digital ID, finance, and payment ecosystems with a simple user interface.


A digital network that enables female micro‐entrepreneurs in Vietnam to bring affordable products to underserved communities.

Fortuna Cools

Producer of durable storage coolers made from coconut husk fibre which are designed to preserve perishable goods during transport and storage.


Developer of the world’s first Dengue prognostic test that predicts disease progression from mild to severe dengue.

Loop Freight

Bangladesh‐based logistics marketplace connecting shippers and vendors to low‐cost freight services.


A smart‐contract backed health insurance claims and settlement platform for hospitals and insurers.


Provider of e‐commerce last‐mile logistics service, adopting and leveraging technology to scale its service efficiently.

Three Wheels United

Fintech company offering tailored finance solutions to electric rickshaw drivers.