Nearly 80 per cent of all diagnostic testing in the Philippines are done in the small and mediumsized labs. However, they face many constraints and capacity limits due to the inefficient manual processes using paper and spreadsheets. Labs are in need of digital tools to improve workflow and increase customer satisfactions. This issue has escalated during COVID‑19 as testing needs grew drastically. Due to the affordability of the large lab information systems, small and medium‑sized remain an underserved market and a strategic entry point for many untapped large markets including telemedicine, e‑pharmacy, and insurance.


Dashlabs provides software to digitize various processes within any medical practice including diagnostic labs and doctors’ clinics. Labs are able to do end‑to‑end patient management and workflow operations through the app. Dashlabs solutions resulted into a 200 per cent increase in capacity and 90+ per cent shortened timeframe. At the same time, patients can track their test progress through the app and get the results delivered to them within a day.


ADB Ventures grant will support analysis on how diagnostic labs software has led to faster diagnosis and processing of test results, climate resilience, and gender empowerment.


Dashlabs is a Philippines‑based platform providing automation and optimization in healthcare and medical diagnostic lab operations, including integrations with multiple laboratory machinery and technology types.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation, Financial Inclusion & Gender Equality

Provider of end‑to‑end diagnostics software for small and medium‑sized laboratories in the Philippines.