76 per cent of adults in Indonesia are unbanked and do not use a smart phone. Last‑mile transfer and distribution of aid, benefits, and other payments is a major challenge. Existing solutions often involves bringing in cash in luggage, or shipping goods in trucks, and distribution by hand. There are significant costs, “leakages”, and verification problems, safety risks as well as overall lack of transparency and accountability.


Duithape’s patented platform is powered by facial recognition and does not require a card, phone number, or bank account to use. Duithape’s digital solution accurately targets the beneficiaries with no distribution hassle. The platform provides full ccountability and traceability, and boosts local economies by simplifying digital aid distribution.


ADB Ventures SEED grant supported the demonstration of a scaled deployment to poor households in Indonesia and the mobilization of additional risk capital.


Duithape’s founders are Sara Dhewanto and Hario Dhewanto. Sara has experience managing a USD 500 million grant from the US government to help reduce poverty in Indonesia.

Target Impact:

Financial Inclusion & Gender Equality

Mobile payment and remittance platform designed to serve the unbanked.