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Solving Centuries-Old Challenge of Securing Asia’s Potato Supply


Potatoes are the world’s fourth‑largest food resource.1 Yet, disease and adverse weather conditions plague traditional seed potato production with less than 10 per cent of the global potato seed supply being certified as good‑quality and disease‑free.2


The key to addressing this problem is to make quality microtubers inexpensive and accessible to potato farmers to help them increase and improve volatility of yields.

E Green Global (EGG) is the world’s first innovator to solve this problem, successfully growing high‑quality, lower‑cost, lab‑grown microtubers at a commercial scale. EGG’s patented tissue culture technology allows it to harvest disease‑free microtubers continuously throughout the year in bio‑secured plant factories. The process enables faster, higher‑volume production and significantly reduced costs compared to conventional methods.


Through this investment, ADB Ventures hopes to help the company transfer its technology to other developing markets in the Asia‑Pacific region and scale up its operations substantially to support food security by improving yields.


EGG is an Agri‑biotech company strengthening food security with Microtuber Technology (MCT) that boosts production of disease‑free seed potatoes with increased resilience. EGG continues to successfully commercialize mass production of microtubers (MCT), have produced nearly 13 million (MCTs) to date with close to 1000 metric tonnes of seed  potatoes to be sold commercially. The company has plans to develop similar technologies for sweet potato, cassava, onion, and garlic production.

1 Hong Zhang, Fen Xu, Yu Wu, Hong-hai Hu, Xiao-feng Dai, “Progress of potato staple food research and industry development in China, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, Volume 16, Issue 12, December 2017.

2 Gregory A. Forbes, Amy Charkowski, Jorge Andrade‑Piedra, Monica L. Parker, and Elmar Schulte‑Geldermann “Potato Seed Systems” in The Potato Crop pp432-447.


Sustainable Agriculture

Investment Executed:

June 2021

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Climate Mitigation and Climate Resilience

By 2025, EGG intends to produce more than 6 million tonnes of disease-free potatoes while eliminating 1.8 million tonnes of CO2.