In DMCs, there are limited opportunities for crop switching and lengthy pre‑harvest periods result in labour shortages, thereby making plantation sector vulnerable to climate change. Agriculture industry has to compete with modern industries for jobs that offer less labour‑intensive responsibilities and better work conditions. Earthsense helps to improve operational efficiencies of enterprise‑scale planting and enhances plantations’ climate adaptation.


TerraSentia is a compact, easy‑to‑use, under‑canopy robot that measure critical plant traits like stem‑width, leaf area index, leaf and stem diseases. It runs on trained machine‑learning algorithms on human annotated imagery, using proprietary integrated and customized electronics hardware and software. TerraSentia is now offered as an under‑canopy robot plus actionable insights for enterprise customers through a user‑facing web interface and application.


Earthsense aims to enable a transition to regenerative farming, increasing the supply of agricultural products (in particular food) through crop improvements and managing the impact of fluctuating labour availability and cost through the reduction of low value, labour intensive tasks. Regenerative farming supports precision seeding (allowing for multiple crops), improved water usage, with less invasive pest control and greater crop yield and biodiversity. ADB Ventures SEED grant will assist EarthSense to deploy TerreSentia robots to its customer base in Southeast Asia.


Chinmay Soman, CEO and cofounder, has multiple entrepreneurial experience at AgMicrobiomes Consortium and Movable Objects Inc and was previously lead engineer and coinventor of key technologies of Soil Diagnostics. Girish Chowdhary, CTO and cofounder, has 13 year experience working with unmanned aerial systems. He previously cofounded Unmanned Cowboys, making plugandadapt unmanned vehicles and was the chief technology advisor of German Aerospace Agency.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Manufacturer of AI‑driven under‑canopy robot enabling high‑volume field data collection and analytics to assist the plantation sector improve farming operations and reduce carbon emissions.