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Korean Tech Solves Centuries-Old Challenge, Helping Secure Asia’s Potato Supply 

Potatoes are the world’s fourth-largest food resource1. Yet, only 10% of the global potato seed supply is certified as good-quality and disease-free2

Disease and adverse weather conditions plague traditional seed-potato production, with many potato farmers experiencing significantly lower and more volatile yields.  

Korean agritech company E Green Global (EGG) is the world’s first innovator to solve this problem, successfully growing high-quality, lower-cost, lab-grown microtubers at a commercial scale. EGG’s patented tissue culture technology allows it to harvest disease-free microtubers continuously throughout the year in bio-secured plant factories. The process enables faster, higher-volume production and significantly reduced costs compared to conventional methods.  

The innovation has achieved global recognition. PotatoEurope recognized EGG with its prestigious Golden Innovation Award. EGG plans to develop similar technologies for sweet potato, cassava, onion, and garlic production.  

ADB Ventures invested in EGG in December 2021 to help the company scale up in developing markets in the Asia-Pacific. By 2025, EGG intends to produce more than 6 million tons of disease-free potatoes while eliminating 1.8m tons of CO2, the equivalent of removing 900,000 cars from the road for one year. 

1 Source: Journal of Integrative Agriculture  

Source: Potato Seed Systems 

1 Source: Journal of Integrative Agriculture
Source: Potato Seed Systems

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