Impact Stories

Ananas Anam

Pioneering Climate‑Friendly Alternative Materials


Data‑driven platform that optimizes the concrete production process while reducing cement usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Captain Fresh

Digital B2B Marketplace Disrupts India’s Massive Seafood Market


Provider of end‑to‑end diagnostics software for small and medium‑sized laboratories in the Philippines.


Dastgyr offers a digital‑enabled marketplace for retailers and suppliers, backed by smart logistics and trade credit solutions.


Mobile payment and remittance platform designed to serve the unbanked.

E Green Global

Solving Centuries-Old Challenge of Securing Asia’s Potato Supply.


Manufacturer of AI‑driven under‑canopy robot enabling high‑volume field data collection and analytics to assist the plantation sector improve farming operations and reduce carbon emissions.

Euler Motors

Electrifying India’s Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets.


Platform that combines satellite imagery and ground sensing to monitor and monetize greenhouse gas emissions in cities, ports, and vessels.


Bridging the MSME gap through digital microcredit.

Fortuna Coolers

Producer of durable storage coolers made from coconut husk fibre which are designed to preserve perishable goods during transport and storage.


Rebuilding the Brick Industry.


Provider of high‑quality insect protein by growing black solider fly larvae fed with palm oil by‑products for aqua feed.


Provider of climate risk software solutions that enable finance and insurance sector institutions to quantify and manage the financial impacts of climate change.

Kiu Global

Boosting women-owned businesses through credit access facilitation


Climate Forecasting for the World’s Most Vulnerable Region.


Provider of affordable aerogels – the world’s lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulator – for mainstream applications including cold‑chains, coatings, EV batteries, and construction.

Loop Technologies

Bangladesh‑based logistics marketplace connecting shippers and vendors to low‑cost freight services.


Creating Solutions to Mitigate World’s Most Harmful Greenhouse Gas.


Manufacturer of sustainable, smokeless char‑briquettes for street food vendors and small restaurants.


Streamlining supply chains and increasing resilience for Filipino retail store owners.


Provider of structural design software that allows the shipbuilding and marine engineering industry to reduce raw material usage during constructions and energy consumption.


Technology platform that delivers micro‑pension and insurance solutions to underserved informal sector workers by integrating digital ID, finance, and payment ecosystems with a simple user interface.

Red Dot Analytics

Platform that combines the use of AI and Digital Twin technology to promote energy efficiency in data centers while improving operations and reducing carbon emissions.


Provider of e‑commerce last‑mile logistics service, adopting and leveraging technology to scale its service efficiently.


RIMM provides a software platform for companies of all sized to track their sustainability management, reporting, and compliance.


Provider of real-time data and risk modelling for parametric insurance for emerging climate, connectivity, and telecommunications risks for farmers, business owners, and vulnerable populations.


Unlocking Access to Finance and Insurance for Smallholder farmers.


Electric vehicles and battery swap stations easing green transition for last mile delivery.


Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Infrastructure Construction.

Smart Joules

Powering Energy Efficiency in Emerging Market Hospitals.


Developer of the world’s first Dengue prognostic test that predicts disease progression from mild to severe dengue

Three Wheels United

Fintech company offering tailored finance solutions to electric rickshaw drivers.

Truck It In

A tech platform for load‑matching, freight booking, and dispatching that brings efficiencies to the road freight industry.


Provider of an end‑to‑end 3D printing platform that helps automate the construction process.


A smart‑contract backed health insurance claims and settlement platform for hospitals and insurers.


Expanding Financial Resilience of Indonesian Workers