Rebuilding the Brick Industry


Brick manufacturing in developing economies is characterized by low productivity, poor labour practices and significant global and local air
pollution. In Nepal, traditional brickmaking requires approximately 1,600 kilns to burn nearly one million tonnes of coal every year. It causes around 600 annual deaths, adding USD 46 million every year to public health costs.


InnoCSR’s Good Brick System (GBS) is a novel brick‑making system using soil stabilizers that replaces the need to bake bricks in kilns. This greatly increases productivity while reducing CO2 emissions. The company has also developed its Good Roads System (GRS), a product customized for paving roads, based on the GBS soil stabilizers.


ADB Ventures SEED grant supported the acceleration of brick sales supporting more sustainable production and improved labour practices for the industry as a whole.


InnoCSR was established in 2008 as a global corporate social responsibility and strategy consulting firm with expertise across multiple Asian countries. The company pivoted in 2017 to discover and transfer new technologies that create positive social, environmental, and financial impact.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Provider of advanced soil stabilizer enabling non‑fired and eco‑friendly brickmaking and other green construction materials.