The frequency and severity of climate disasters is increasing due to climate change. Companies and investors need a better understanding of their exposure to climate risks through greater disclosure and transparency on climate‑related risks. Financial institutions’ reliance on coarse and legacy data for insurance pricing are insufficient to properly assess risks and can potentially lead to large losses. For property owners and city planners, there is a greater need to understand possible structural damage caused by climate change and build climate resilient infrastructure.


Intensel provides climate risk analytics combined with financial analysis that evaluates asset exposure to climate risks and climate value at risk. It also offers risk management to minimize losses to property damage and business interruption. The data Intensel providers is more accurate, faster, and more actionable for asset owners and managers targeting clients in the financial, power, and infrastructure sectors.


ADB Ventures SEED grant supports onboarding and analysis of onboarding of clients onto Intensel’s platform, particularly the impact of providing climate risk data to customers.


Intensel is founded by Dr. Entela Benz (CEO) who has 17 years of experience in industry and academe and brings a financial risk lens to climate modelling and Ashley Heghland (COO) has 20 years’ experience in ESG and previously advised large corporates on ESG strategy and risk.

Target Impact:

Climate Adaptation / Climate Resilience, Financial Inclusion & Gender Equality

Provider of climate risk software solutions that enable finance and insurance sector institutions to quantify and manage the financial impacts of climate change.