We want to partner with changemakers to drive impact in Asia and the Pacific.

EQUITY: We invest in seed and early stages of a company, and partner with them across rounds. Our typical first check ranges from $0.5 to 3 mn, and we prefer to co-invest with other like-minded commercial and catalytic investors.

SEED: We can provide up to $200k of Seed funding, that gives ADB Ventures the option to make future equity investments.


Just apply to us without worrying much about Equity vs Seed. We can mutually decide where you may fit best. Since we also provide funding of < US$ 200,000, they are typically meant for companies that are very early in their life-cycle – and haven’t raised any significant institutional capital.

Our Seed decision and documentation process are relatively faster than a regular Equity investment. Seed funding can be closed within a month of our engagement as it uses our standard boilerplate agreements, while Equity investment can take more than 3 months since it requires us to follow the standard equity investment process (legal and financial diligence, shareholder agreement negotiations, among others).

Since we are a climate and gender-conscious investor, we want our Equity investments to be future-ready for ESG compliance. We undertake free advisory support for our pipeline startups to identify ways to track and improve their climate and gender equality impact. Additionally, we do an integrity check on all the shareholders to minimize any future reputational risk for the startup.

Our sweet spot is typically $500K to $3 million for the first check we write to a startup. We can participate in both first cheque and follow-on financing.

ADBV prefers co-investing with other institutional investors. If you are still looking for a lead investor, please do reach out to us, we can leverage our extensive investor networks to help you

We invest in a diversified portfolio of cleantech, agritech, fintech, and healthtech companies. However, given our desire to make a positive climate and gender equality impact through our investments, we apply those filters to ascertain a fit with our mandate.

We are a commercial returns-driven investor. We believe in growing in an environmentally-sustainable and gender-inclusive manner – and therefore apply those filters to decide on our investments and track our portfolio’s growth.