Climate Forecasting for the World’s Most Vulnerable Region


In DMCs with significant exposure to diverse climate conditions and natural disasters, local governments and businesses need access to real‑time, community‑level climate data to manage daily operations as well as climate risk events and disasters. Despite a growing availability of high‑quality weather and climate data (from satellites, IoT etc.), existing solutions are expensive, hard to use and not tailored to local end‑users and their needs.


Komunidad is a climate and weather data intelligence company which combines real‑time and micro‑level environmental data from different leading public and commercial sources (from satellites, weather stations, sensors, etc) and turns it into affordable, customizable and hyper‑local analytics and alerts. This helps their clients to better monitor, and more efficiently and quickly manage, potential natural/climate disasters, business continuity and operational risks, etc.

impact thesis

ADB Ventures SEED grant supports the completion of the platform’s first version and expansion to at least two key ADB DMCs.

About Komunidad

Komunidad is a Singapore‑based company, with offices in the Philippines, that equips industries and governments with understandable and actionable information to help manage climate‑related risks and drive collective action to address climate change.

Target Impact:

Climate Adaptation and Climate Resilience

Provider of weather and natural disaster systems and analytics for improved mananagement of climate risks and disaster preparedness.