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Climate Forecasting for the World’s Most Vulnerable Region 

The Asia-Pacific region is the world’s most disaster-prone, facing risks from droughts, flooding, temperature extremes, and storms.1 Yet the region’s communities, utilities, and businesses often lack access to localized and affordable climate and weather forecasting systems.  

Philippines-based Komunidad is a climate and weather data intelligence company. The company integrates real-time environmental data from sources including satellites, sensors, and weather stations. It uses this data to provide localized, affordable analytics and timely alerts.  

Komunidad has built solutions for four types of customers. It offers a multi-hazard tool for municipalities, including a civilian app for citizen safety, disaster visibility, and mosquito surveillance. It also offers a continuity planning tool for business. And a tool that helps the agriculture sector plan seeding, irrigation, and harvesting. Lastly, it has built a specialized dashboard to help electric utilities forecast grid demand, which not only builds utilities’ resilience but also mitigates some of their climate impact.  

Komunidad has achieved promising commercial traction. Since its inception in 2019, it has partnered with two municipalities, three energy utilities, and 11 commercial customers in the Philippines. Komunidad is now expanding across the Asia-Pacific region. It has completed two agricultural pilots in Vietnam and has entered a joint venture to serve customers in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, it is targeting customers in India and Thailand.  

ADB Ventures provided Komunidad Seed financing to support its regional expansion. The company aspires to help communities across Asia and the Pacific build their resilience to climate-related weather events, and to help the agriculture sector mitigate its climate impact through more efficient use of water and fertilizer.  

1 Source: UNOCHA 

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