Meet Skycatch

Skycatch Inc., is a leading provider of enterprise-grade technology for capturing, processing, and analyzing high-accuracy 3D drone data for use in the construction industry. Clients around the world and across several developing Asia Pacific markets use Skycatch’s affordable technology to create accurate digital 3D models of physical sites and monitor for discrepancies. It can enable significant cost and time savings, reduced CO2 emissions, and improved safety on infrastructure projects.

Christian Sanz, Skycatch founder and CEO, appeared on ADB Ventures’ Climatic web series to discuss how his company uses drones and AI to make construction smarter. The episode also discussed how Skycatch’s technology was used during Asian Development Bank-funded construction on the Port of Nauru.

Skycatch, founded in 2013, now counts Komatsu, Goldwind, Teck Resources, and Anglo American among its clients. The company’s mission is to use its tech to make construction more climate friendly on more than 2,000 projects in emerging Asia by 2025, with a goal of eliminating more than 2 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

ADB Ventures made an equity investment in Skycatch in March 2021.

Visit Skycatch’s website to learn more.