Meet Smart Joules

Smart Joules is an Indian energy-efficiency-as-a-service solution for commercial and industrial buildings. The company guarantees energy savings to its customers, while enabling them to avoid large capex outlays, through a “pay-as-you-save” (PAYS) model. SmartJoules retrofits its customers’ facilities with best-in-class energy efficient equipment and IoT controllers, monitors and manages energy consumption using its proprietary DeJoule technology platform, and offers on-site operations and maintenance.

CEO Arjun Gupta joined Climatic to talk about about how Smart Joules reduces energy waste and plans to mainstream energy-efficiency practices across India and beyond.

Founded in 2014, Smart Joules serves top-20 Indian hospital chains including Fortis, Apollo, and CARE. Next up, the company wants to bring energy efficiency to India’s hotels and industrial and office buildings, which will help it hit its goal of eliminating 680,000 tons of CO2 equivalent by 2027.

ADB Ventures made an equity investment in Smart Joules in March 2021 after identifying the company’s potential to become a category leader in commercial and industrial energy-efficiency-as-a-service.

Visit Smart Joules’ website to learn more.