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Green investments to support the building blocks for Asia’s EV transition

A Win-Win: Greener Transport and Logistics solutions to meet growing demand for better services

Supercharging Financial Inclusion: Can Digital Technologies Break the Gender Divide?

A series about the innovators decarbonizing Asia and the Pacific, the entrepreneurs making our region more resilient to climate change, and the corporate leaders partnering with them to scale.

Climatic is made possible by a grant from Climate Investment Funds’ Clean Technology Fund Program, and hosted by Linh Thai

1. Smart Construction

Climatic Ep 1.1: Smart Construction Talk Show

The construction industry is under pressure to lessen its polluting activities, increase sustainability, and reduce environmental impacts. A host of innovative technologies promise to do that.

Thomas Abell, Asian Development Bank 

aniel Hersson, ADB Ventures

Akinori Onodera, Earthbrain Ltd.

Christian Sanz, Skycatch, Inc.

Ricky Togashi, Komatsu Ltd.

Hara Wang, Third Derivative.

Climatic Ep 1.2: Smart Construction Startup Showdown

3 startups. 3 solutions. 1 winner. On Climatic Startup Showdown, breakout tech companies will pitch their solutions to the world’s toughest venture capitalists – and find out if they have what it takes to get to the next level and transform the Asia Pacific construction industry.

Caido, viAct and Wavescan

Jojo Flores, Plug and Play

Daniel Hersson, ADB Ventures

Shannon Kalayanamitr, Gobi Partners

Juan Nieto, CEMEX Ventures

Hara Wang, Third Derivative. 

2. Electric Mobility

Climatic Ep 2.1: Electric Mobility Talk Show

This talk show takes a close look at the booming electric vehicle market and it potential to help the region achieve net-zero carbon emissions. In this episode, a top regional EV manufacturer and a panel of VCs and industry experts discuss how EVs are reshaping the Asia Pacific transportation industry.

Sohail Hasnie, Asian Development Bank 

Kartik Gopal, International Finance Corporation 

Sophia Nadur, bp Ventures 

Saurav Kumar, Euler Motor

Doug Parker, Wavemaker Partners

Climatic Ep 2.2: Electric Mobility Solution Showcase

A panel of top VCs give real-time feedback on EV companies’ solutions for battery management, vehicle design, and more, and help refine their product-market fit. The show also features pitches from 3 up-and-coming electric mobility startups and gives the inside peek into the types of conversations VCs normally have behind closed doors.

Green Li-on, Lithion Power, and Etran

Judges Navarun Atraya, Plug and Play 

Sophia Nadur, bp Ventures

Doug Parker, Wavemaker Partners 

Charles Cole Navarro, ADB Ventures

3. Cooling and Smart Buildings

Climatic Ep 3.1: Cooling & Smart Buildings Talk Show

Over the next three decades, rapid urbanization and greater weather extremes will lead to a skyrocketing demand for cooling. Can this increased energy need be met in a sustainable way? In this new episode, Climatic host Linh Thai explores this question and more with Asia’s premiere energy-efficiency experts and entrepreneurs.

Priyantha Wijayatunga, Asian Development Bank

Dr.Bollineni Abhinay, KIMS Global

Arjun Gupta, Smart Joules

Ms. Shikha Bhasin,  the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

Mr. RD Sriram, Aravind Eye Hospitals

Climatic Ep 3.2: Cooling & Smart Buildings Solution Showcase

Harleen Oberoi, Senior Vice President for Project Management at India’s Tata Realty Group, details the cooling and energy conservation challenges the company must address for its vast (and fast-growing) real estate portfolio, and a panel of energy-efficiency experts and innovators pitches the new solutions and game-changing business models that can address them.

Harleen Oberoi, Tata Realty

Danny Kennedy, New Energy Nexus 

Qiyong Cao, ADB Ventures

Karthik Chandrasekar, Sangam Ventures

Arjun Gupta, Smart Joules 

Navarun Atraya, Plug and Play

4. Greener Grids

Climatic Ep 4.1: The Little Gas That Could Make Global Warming Worse

SF6 is the world’s most potent manmade greenhouse gas. It is also in common use, insulating switchgear for medium and high-voltage electrical transmission. In this episode of Climatic, Nuventura co-founder Fabian Lemke explains how new technologies could made SF6 obsolete.

Fabian Lemke, Nuventura

Climatic Ep 4.2: Building a Green and Resilient Grid

With countries stepping up their efforts to combat climate change, the need for an adaptable, greener, and more resilient energy supply has never been greater. In this episode of Climatic, Pradeep Perera from the Asian Development Bank and Anders Hove from the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies lay out the necessary conditions for a green and resilient grid.

Pradeep Pererae, Asian Development Bank

Anders Hove, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

Climatic Ep 4.3: What Grid Operators Want

Our electrical grids are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they operate. Decentralization could provide both greater resilience and a greener overall power supply. However, many obstacles remain to making distributed generation a reality. Are grid operators prepared to deal with unprecedented challenges? This episode of Climatic decodes solutions the grid operators want to help meet the changing needs of the market and expectations of policymakers and consumers.

Jan Palasinski, Future Energy Ventures 

Arthur Hu, China’s State Grid

Climatic Ep 4.4: Where VC Money Is Going

Electrical grids are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in how they operate, presenting an opportunity for startups and early investments in the transition to a sustainable energy system. Ramsay Siegal, a partner at Earthshot Ventures, and Shyam Menon, co-founder at the Bharat Innovation Fund and Infuse Ventures will discuss where the smart money is going and how startups can get access to the funding they’ll need to revolutionize the grid sector in this new episode of Climatic.

Ramsay Siegal, Partner, Earthshot Ventures 

Shyam Menon, Co-founder

Bharat Innovation Fund and Infuse Ventures

Climatic Ep 4.5: The Future of Grid Tech Innovation

As power grids evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs of dynamic modern societies, what are the big ideas that will help make the power supply stronger, greener and more resilient? Who will lead these trends? And what can we do to ensure great ideas are put into practice? In this episode, ADB Ventures’ Qiyong Cao and Nuventura’s Fabien Lemke reveal key trends that will shape the future of grid technology innovation.

Qiyong Cao, ADB Ventures 

Fabien Lemke, Nuventura