Over 1.7 billion self‑employed women and youth globally are not eligible for formal pension benefits. In Asia, only 20 per cent or less of the workforce is prepared for retirement and women are particularly vulnerable as they are informally employed, face frequent income disruptions, and have minimal savings, if any. A large number of women are also highly dependent on local natural resources and agriculture for their livelihood, particularly in rural areas and are likely to be more impacted by climate risk with limited financial protection to cope with it.


Pinbox enables plug and play access to the pension marketplace for informal sector workers through a simple, easy to use and multi‑lingual interface with an integrated product platform – providing micropensions, insurance and liquid savings products. The company has tied‑up with large financial ecosystem players in India to distribute their pension and savings products. The Pinbox white‑labelled micro‑pensionTech platform uses secure APIs to integrate with and leverage the digital ID, finance and payments ecosystem to help “switch‑on” an inclusive social security marketplace.


ADB Ventures SEED grant supports the design, production, and delivery of a training and financial literacy toolkit for low‑income, self‑employed women, and the launching of two digital micro‑pension inclusion pilots targeted at greater gender inclusion.


Pinbox is a global social pension technology company that provides specialized, customizable software to enable enterprise micro‑pension, savings, and insurance administration. The company targets the under‑insured and under‑socially protected in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Target Impact:

Climate Adaptation / Climate Resilience

Technology platform that delivers micro‑pension and insurance solutions to underserved informal sector workers by integrating digital ID, finance, and payment ecosystems with a simple user interface.