We back 50+ Companies with Transformative Solutions and Climate Impact in over 18 Countries Across Asia.

CleanTech and Clean Energy


Developer of gas-insulated switchgear technologies that replace SF6 – the world’s most harmful greenhouse gas commonly used in power grids – with dry air, thereby contributing to a significant reduction in emissions.


Enterprise-grade drone mapping and data analytics enabling significantly improved design and operations of large complex project sites and infrastructure assets.

Smart Joules

Provider of smart equipment management and retrofits to increase the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings.

Tiger New Energy

Electrifying transport in Bangladesh and building a nationwide network of battery-swapping stations.

Inclusive and Resilient Communities


A technology platform transforming the agri-supply chain of Bangladesh

Binar Academy

Binar provides a pathway for career‐switching students and first time job holders to acquire demonstrable technical skills to help them.


Provider of end‐to‐end diagnostics software for small and medium‐sized laboratories in the Philippines.


An environmental data analytics platform providing real-time weather monitoring for climate resilience.


Mobile payment and remittance platform designed to serve the unbanked.

KIU Global

Provider of cloud-based business management platform and easier credit‐scoring for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Provider of weather and natural disaster systems and analytics for improved mananagement of climate risks and disaster preparedness.


Manufacturer of sustainable, smokeless char‐briquettes for street food vendors and small restaurants.


Technology platform that delivers micro‐pension and insurance solutions to underserved informal sector workers by integrating digital ID, finance, and payment ecosystems with a simple user interface.


A digital network that enables female micro‐entrepreneurs in Vietnam to bring affordable products to underserved communities.


Developer of the world’s first Dengue prognostic test that predicts disease progression from mild to severe dengue.


A smart‐contract backed health insurance claims and settlement platform for hospitals and insurers.