Despite Pakistan’s rapidly growing e‑commerce market, consumers lack adequate options for efficient and accurate last‑mile delivery and cannot track their parcels in real‑time. And sellers dependent on traditional players for last‑mile logistics suffer from delays in delivery (from suboptimal routes, inadequate demand and rider management), lack of transparency, and lack of options for short‑notice deliveries.


Rider is a B2B logistics service that is enabled by competitive, innovative technology. The company has developed two primary tech platforms that support its sorting hubs‑based delivery service: a shipper portal and a buyer app. Rider offers both consumers and sellers key value propositions not currently available through existing players: high delivery success rate, transparency, efficient and reliable service, and flexibility. Consumers enjoy market‑leading first‑time delivery success rate of 93 per cent without unexplained and uncommunicated delays. They can easily reach customer service and request changes to their deliveries. And sellers also enjoy the same value propositions above while providing their own customers with a more enjoyable and higher quality experience and having access to flexible options such as shorter‑notice deliveries.


ADB Ventures SEED grant will support the reaching of 275 active shippers, the addition of two new distribution centres, and establishment of a greenhouse gas reduction tracking program.


Rider was founded by Salman Allana, who also serves as the CEO. He received an MBA from Imperial College and a BA Political Science and Economics from University of British Columbia. He was previously head of strategy and business development at UPS Pakistan and played a key role in bringing UPS into Pakistan. Prior to UPS, he was an Assistant Vice President for African Equities Trading at Citi Bank.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Provider of e‑commerce last‑mile logistics service, adopting and leveraging technology to scale its service efficiently.