Regulators and stock exchanges are requiring climate risk and sustainability disclosures and compliance of increasingly sophisticated green initiatives; large corporates (in many cases, organizations based in developed markets/ countries with supply chains extending into Asia) are requiring their vendors and suppliers across multiple and deeper tiers to become greener and compliant with international standards; investors want to help portfolio companies become more sustainable and remain compliant with changing regulations; financial institutions are looking to help businesses unlock green financing options and products. However, most sustainability, ESG, and carbon tracking solution providers do not target SMEs and are too expensive and in Asia there are no clear market leaders in this sector.


RIMM has built a sustainability platform whereby companies can make an impact with intelligent tools for sustainability management, reporting, and optimization with future plans to assist companies in matching with solutions providers and unlocking tangible benefits such as green financing and lower insurance premiums.


ADB Ventures grant supports RIMM on new customer acquisition across the region. RIMM product deployment will help businesses better understand and track their current footprints and sustainability progresses, hence driving better climate adaptation.


Real Impact Matters Most (RIMM) is a Singaporean based company provided software that supports companies of all sizes to track their sustainability and carbon scores in order to optimize their overall sustainability management. The company’s solution is particularly relevant to companies in developing markets, including smaller enterprises, to track and manage their company’s efforts against relevant benchmarks that can improve their access to future financing, insurance, and compliance with relevant standards.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

RIMM provides a software platform for companies of all sized to track their sustainability management, reporting, and compliance.