Farmers, business owners, telecommunications subscribers, gig workers, and other vulnerable populations lack sufficient protection against unexpected losses due to shortcomings in traditional insurance models. These models often involve subjective claims assessment processes, complex documentation requirements, and rigid coverage terms that fail to address the unique risks faced by these individuals, leading to delayed or disputed payouts.


Riskwolf offers parametric capacity to help insurers and reinsurers launching new parametric products. Riskwolf develops customized products with parametric triggers based on sector‑specific parameters, incorporating different live data‑sources. Riskwolf’s platform provides underwriting and risk simulations; speed‑to‑market; real‑time risk control and insights; streamlined policy operations. By employing data analytics and technology for accurate risk assessment, the company can expedite claims processing and provide faster payouts, thus safeguarding end users and all‑parties involved.


ADB Ventures SEED Grant will support the securing of additional finance to facilitate the provision of parametric insurance capacity on behalf of a risk carrier/distributor in one or more ADB DMC.


Riskwolf was founded in 2021 in Switzerland, the company specializes on offering parametric insurance capacity to risk carriers, covering emerging risks in the developing markets. Riskwolf’s tailored solutions will empower and protect vulnerable populations, reducing their financial vulnerability and promoting resilience. By swiftly and transparently addressing unexpected losses through parametric triggers, the company will enhance financial security, enable quick recovery, and foster economic stability among farmers, business owners, telco subscribers, gig workers, and other vulnerable communities.

Target Impact:

Climate Adaptation/ Climate Resilience

Provider of real-time data and risk modelling for parametric insurance for emerging climate, connectivity, and telecommunications risks for farmers, business owners, and vulnerable populations.