Unlocking Access to Finance and Insurance for Smallholder farmers


Around 85 per cent of the farmers in India are smallholders, with limited reserves and adaptive capacities making them vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Access to credit is a key enabler to increase climate resilience of such farmers. However, only 30 per cent are able to borrow from formal financial sources, due to limited insights into farm conditions and difficulties and high resource costs to gather and verify farm data.


Improved access to finance would increase farmers’ resilience to climate‑related crop damage and lost income. However, financial institutions struggle to work with the 78 per cent of farmer households that are smallholders due to the difficulty and expense of assessing risk.2

SatSure uses satellite data analytics to unlock finance for smallholder farms. Proprietary AI‑powered modeling gauges a farm’s income generation potential, allowing financial institutions to assess risk more accurately. The solution empowers financial institutions to issue credit and insurance policies faster, in higher volume, and more cost‑effectively.

Impact Thesis:

Measures like rural credit scoring as well as weather‑indexed crop insurance are highly effective tools used in the agriculture sector. Through this investment, ADB Ventures is looking to support smallholder farmers and strengthen these broader linkages between access to finance, insurance, and resilience to support climate change adaptation, and support climate change adaptation.

About SatSure:

Satsure is a geospatial analytics company offering solution across agriculture, infrastructure, and climate change. It has partnered with leading financial institutions and insurance companies to make remote monitoring and assessment of agricultural farms easy, quick, and cost effective. By the end of 2021 it had supported 13000 farms loans of which 75 per cent were to smallholder farmers. EGG continues to successfully commercialize mass production of microtubers (MCT), have produced nearly 13 million (MCTs) to date with close to 1000 metric tonnes of seed potatoes to be sold commercially. The company has plans to develop similar technologies for sweet potato, cassava, onion, and garlic production.


Sustainable Agriculture/ Financial Resilience

Investment Executed:

January 2022

Impact SDGs:

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Satsure targets 2.5 million loans to smallholder farmers in the region by 2026, contributing to their climate resilience.