Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Infrastructure Construction


Construction, infrastructure and mining accounts for more than [20%] of global C02 emissions. Effective supervision of large complex project sites is a major industry problem and today mainly depends on human observations, which have limited visibility  and are prone to error. This results in inefficient site operations, frequent cost overruns and delays, as well as significant rework, waste and excessive emissions. The total market opportunity for addressing this challenge is estimated at over $70 billion globally.


Skycatch’s industry-leading drone surveying and analytics platform enables more effective management of large complex projects sites. Clients can frequently and affordably create digital 3D models, with unprecedented laser-scan level of accuracy (sub 2cm), of their physical project sites and assets. This enables ongoing and precise tracking of projects, resulting in significantly improved site-level design, planning, operations and workflows while reducing costly delays, waste and mistakes.

Skycatch’s digital twin technology aims to prevent design inconsistencies and provide transparency in construction and mining projects to help reduce CO2 emissions1.

The global construction, infrastructure, and extractive industries are initial target markets. Key clients include Komatsu, Goldwind, and Anglo American. ADB Ventures is working closely with Skycatch to expand in Asia with a target to deploy in more than 2,000 projects in the region by 2025, including in ADB’s own operations. This will lead to significant cost and time savings, reduced waste, improved safety as well as an estimated reduction of two million tons of CO2e, comparable to the annual emissions of ~[130,000] cars.

Impact Thesis:

Through this investment, ADB Ventures aims to catalyze the adoption of enabling technology in infrastructure projects, which would result in reduced carbon footprints, improved safety, and operational efficiency.

About Skycatch:

Operating across multiple ADB DMCs2, and across 10,000 projects to date; Skycatch is a leading provider of enterprise-grade technology for capturing, processing, and analyzing drone data for use in global construction, renewable energy, and extractive industries.


Sustainable Construction

Investment Executed:

March 2021

Impact SDGs:

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation/Climate Resilience

Skycatch is targeting to deploy their technology in more than 2,000 projects in developing Asia by 2025, aiming to avert 1 million tonnes of CO2.