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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Infrastructure Construction  

Construction accounts for 11 per cent of global CO2 emissions and is a major contributor to air and water pollution. 90 per cent of major construction projects also face cost overruns and schedule delays. Supervision of construction and infrastructure projects depends on human observations, which are costly and prone to error.  

Skycatch uses drone-based aerial surveying to provide affordable and accurate digital 3D models of construction sites, enabling frequent and accurate project tracking, eliminating wastage, reducing delays and mistakes, and improving workflows. Operating across multiple ADB DMCs, Skycatch is targeting the global construction, renewable energy, and extractive industries, and is working with key clients including Komatsu, Goldwind, Teck Resources, and Anglo American. 

ADB Ventures invested in Skycatch in March 2021. Through this investment, ADB Ventures aims to catalyze the adoption of enabling technology in infrastructure projects, which would result in reduced carbon footprints, improved safety, and operational efficiency. 

Skycatch is targeting to deploy their technology in more than 2,000 projects in developing Asia by 2025, which will avert 1.1 million tonnes of CO2. 

Smart Infrastructure
Drone Imaging
Key Asian MArkets
The People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Thailand, Pacific