An important challenge in the management of Dengue disease, described by WHO as a “fast‑emerging pandemic‑ prone” disease, is how to accurately predict disease progression from mild to Severe Dengue (SD).

• More than 50 per cent of all hospitalized Dengue patients are unnecessary following WHO (2009) guidelines.
• Late detection of SD often leads to undesirable clinical outcomes, which increases chances of death by 20 per cent+ in developing countries.

Sri Lanka reported 29.9 per cent Dengue Hemorrhaging Fever (DHF) in 2020. StratifiCare’s clinical study sees a 2 per cent DHF in Singapore. WHO estimated 0.25 per cent DHF in the pan America region.


Stratificare has designed and patented the world’s first Dengue prognostic test with the participation of leading physicians and industry advisors in infectious diseases, which can help alleviate the burden of healthcare systems and women caretakers as climate change continue to drive the expansion of Dengue fever in developing Asia.


ADB Ventures SEED grant will support a clinical study and review by relevant bioethics body on clinical testing and trials in Sri Lanka.


StratifiCare is a Singapore‑based company specializing in the development and manufacturing of in‑vitro diagnostic assay solutions for personalized medicine. This offers the right treatment for the right patient at the right time while eliminating the inefficient trial‑and‑errors for optimal patient care and reduced treatment cost.

Target Impact:

Climate Adaptation /Climate Resilience

Developer of the world’s first Dengue prognostic test that predicts disease progression from mild to severe dengue