Ananas Anam

Pioneering Climate‑Friendly Alternative Materials


Data‑driven platform that optimizes the concrete production process while reducing cement usage and
greenhouse gas emissions.

Captain Fresh

Digital B2B Marketplace Disrupts India’s Massive Seafood Market


Provider of end‑to‑end diagnostics software for small and medium‑sized laboratories in the Philippines.


Dastgyr offers a digital‑enabled marketplace for retailers and suppliers, backed by smart logistics and trade credit solutions.

E Green Global

Solving Centuries-Old Challenge of Securing Asia’s Potato Supply.


Manufacturer of AI‑driven under‑canopy robot enabling high‑volume field data collection and analytics to assist the plantation sector improve farming operations and reduce carbon emissions.

Euler Motors

Electrifying India’s Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets.


Platform that combines satellite imagery and ground sensing to monitor and monetize greenhouse gas emissions in cities, ports, and vessels.

Fortuna Coolers

Producer of durable storage coolers made from coconut
husk fibre which are designed to preserve perishable goods during transport and storage.