Truck It In


In Pakistan, 80 per cent of truckers own less than five vehicles and face constraints in access to loads and working capital finance. Access to loads of these truckers are enabled by five intermediaries in manual and antiquated fashion, resulting in information asymmetry and fragmentation. This in turn results in regular trips of empty truck loads, contributing to unnecessary greenhouse gas emission.


Truck It In is a digital trucking logistics solution that removes middlemen and more seamlessly connect shippers with trucking operators. The solution consists of a transport management system for shippers and a load board app for truckers. The solution helps shippers to efficiently conduct loading/unloading coordination, price discovery and receive trip alerts, while allow truckers to gain demand visibility and improve vehicle utilization by 50 per cent.


ADB Ventures SEED grant will support the launch of a women empowerment program, onboard at least 850 truck drivers as clients, and the creation of at least eight new jobs.


Truck It In is a Singapore‑domiciled and Pakistan‑operating company that provides a marketplace that removes intermediaries by connecting businesses directly with truck operators.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

A tech platform for load‑matching, freight booking, and dispatching that brings efficiencies to the road freight industry.