Buildings and construction together account for 36 per cent of global energy use and 39 per cent of energy‑related CO2 emissions annually. There is also a lack of affordable housing in India. It is estimated that India needs to build 25 million houses by 2030 and 12 million toilets by 2021 to provide dignified infrastructure to all.


Tvasta offers an end‑to‑end 3D‑printing platform, including machine, material and software, to automate the construction process. 3D printing in construction offers a significant potential to increase efficiency which (i) shortens construction timeframe from months/ years to days; (ii) reduces waste by creating only what’s needed; (iii) provides flexibility to build complex design with less costs and labour; (iv) reduces human error and accidents


ADB Ventures SEED grant supports the construction and handover of a 3D printed facility leading to lower wastage, material usage, and supporting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Tvasta, is an Indian‑based 3D printing technology construction company that aims to cement the gaps in the construction sector through creative building technology solutions.

Target Impact:

Climate Mitigation 

Provider of an end‑to‑end 3D printing platform that helps automate the construction process.