The private and public healthcare insurance claim market in India is expected to grow significantly from USD 8 billion in 2020 to USD 20 billion by 2025. Yet, the insurance claim process still remains manual and causes many frictions. Payment delays results in negative effects for all stakeholders such as revenue losses and elongated working capital cycles for healthcare providers, high customer churn and high transaction costs for insurers, and ultimately financial shock for patients/ consumers.


Vitraya automates claim processing by digitizing insurance policy rules and pricing ultimately also setting digital claim processing standards across healthcare providers and insurers onto the platform. Claims settlement time gets reduced from a few days to around three hours and reduced claims processing costs by 50 per cent for insurers 10 per cent for hospitals.

Impact Thesis

ADB Ventures SEED grant supports onboarding of an insurance partner, and at least five hospitals to automate health insurance claims, leading to lower expense ratios for insurance companies and increased health insurance penetration in India, in turn making health care accessible and leading to greater climate resilience.


Vitraya is founded by Mrinal Sinha (CEO) who was previously part of MobiKwik’s executive team and worked at McKinsey & Co, Dell EMC, and Michael and Susan Foundation. Other key team members include Srinivas Kotamarthi (Head of Product) who worked in product management for Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and Ankur Shrivastava (Head of Tech) who was also part of MobiKwik and exCTO of Zaap Fresh.

Target Impact:

Climate Resilience, Financial Inclusion & Gender Equality

A smart‑contract backed health insurance claims and settlement platform for hospitals and insurers.